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About Us

About Us

Our story began in Chandler, Arizona, back in 2016. We met at a startup company, Before the company went under, naturally we fell in love. We were instantly inseparable, and could not wait for our chapter to begin.

On May 7, 2018 we had our first baby, Sterling. Our hearts were unbelievably full and just as we were getting settled in our new home, we found out we were having another baby! We prepared to have “irish twins (google it), but it was a difficult and scary pregnancy. After months of being placed on bedrest, and many new challenges we knew we needed to take control of our financial future and pursue our passions.

We are both passionate about entrepreneurship and philanthropy.  Our mission is to help parents set the foundation for their children’s future. We strive to educate parents through our YouTube: Brandrea, and our creative outlet: Stellar Beginnings.

Stella arrived healthy and strong on May 6, 2019. Thankfully she was a full-term pregnancy. We feel beyond grateful and blessed to have 2 beautiful babies! Stella and Sterling inspire our store entirely. We custom make items and also hand-pick items that we personally put on our babies as well.

We’re grateful for the support that allows us to better serve our community and to share our story through what brings us so much love, and inspiration.